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Josh White

Video - Interview with Doug Yeager, Josh White estate manager and archivist, about Josh White and the connection with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, 2020.

Videography by Jeremy Lamberton.

"Low Cotton" by Josh White

Click here for "Low Cotton" video

“LOW COTTON” was a popular recording during the "Race Records" era for Joshua White in 1933.  He wrote about the plight of cotton pickers in the South, and brought the issue to the attention of the president in its lyrics.  Eight years later, he sang the song to President Roosevelt and Eleanor in their White House private chambers. 

In this BBC footage, Josh White sings two songs and tells about his job as a lead boy for blind musicians when he was 8 years old.

BBC - Josh White video

In the BBC footage, Josh White performs two songs and shares his memories of his job at eight years old as the lead boy for blind musicians.